Everything that they tell you about the earth is a lie.

They are trying to lock us up. Keep us indoors. Out of touch.

The broken, and the hurting, and the outright oppressed don’t know it, but their hearts, and their minds, and crying out for the sunshine. For the smell of freshly fallen snow. Tufts of new spring grass. The chitter chattering of bird.

They don’t tell us that scientists have proven that skin to dirt contact can boost your immune system. Or that this is how people remained healthy until this more recent age of separation. The don’t tell us that anxiety and depression can be eased by simply going outside and listening to the birds.

What they do tell us, is to poison ourselves with man made medications that cause far more harm to our bodies, our temples, than the good it does for our minds. They have brainwashed us, and tricked us, into believing in them, instead of believe in ourselves. They have made us think that the system they have set up to exploit us, along with the rest of the natural beings of earth, is there to help and nurture us.

This is the great lie. This is the great injustice done to every human on the planet. Far great than any political or social justice issue; humanity has been disconnected from it’s spirit. The spirit of the earth from which we have come, and to which we will return.

They feed us lies of heaven and hell. They feed us fear, and insecurity, and war.
But the real heaven is here, surrounding us with tall trees and cushioning us with soft moss and singing to us with the lulling noises of our natural habitat.

And the real hell, is dying without coming to peace with your home.

The Lies They Feed Us In Order to Steal Our Souls  (via trtakoda)
Today, for instance, we talk of “matter”. We describe it’s physical properties. We conduct laboratory experiments to demonstrate some of its aspects. But the word “matter” remains a dry, inhuman, and purely intellectual concept, without any psychic significance for us, how different was the former image of matter—The Great Mother—that could encompass and express the profound emotional meaning of Mother Earth. In the same way, what was the spirit is now identified with intellect and thus ceases to be the Father of All. It has degenerated to the limited ego-thoughts of man; the immense emotional energy expressed in the image of “our Father” vanishes into the sand of an intellectual desert.
Carl G. Jung (Man and His Symbols, 1968)